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(Press Release) — Nippon General Trading Corp., doing business as Country House Restaurant, in collaboration with Hafa Adai Beach Hotel donated proceeds from a two-night charity concert to tsunami victims in Japan and to the Northern Marianas Protection & Advocacy Systems Inc., a local non-profit organization that provides protection and advocacy services on behalf of individuals with disabilities — each receiving over $3,000 in cash donations.
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(Press Release) — The State Rehabilitation Council, Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, and Council on Developmental Disabilities collaborated and cooperated on a three-day event from Dec. 4-6 at the Pacific Islands Club.
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About five years ago, Diego (not his real name) was arrested by police after he broke into a church on Saipan and damaged some items inside. He was soon brought to the Commonwealth Health Center’s psychiatric ward after it was determined that he was suffering from a psychotic episode, with hallucinations and paranoia as his main symptoms. ...continue reading "Monday, May 11, 2015: Disjointed system fails the mentally ill: By JAYSON CAMACHO and FERDIE DE LA TORRE"

ANY person, including a family member, who tells a senior citizen “you are worthless” can be penalized by law, according to Northern Marianas Protection and Advocacy Systems Inc.
On Friday, NMPASI program manager Thomas Thornburgh and projects specialist Greg Borja were invited to speak about “elderly abuse” during the annual Office on Aging conference at the Pacific Islands Club. ...continue reading "Tuesday, May 26, 2015: Office on Aging conference focuses on elderly abuse, health: By Junhan B. Todiño – – Variety News Staff"

Playing “shepherd to sheep” in the pastoral metaphor while tending to the affairs of the Immanuel United Methodist Church of Saipan, I ran into NMPASI (Northern Marianas Protection and Advocacy System, Inc.). The son of a “sheep,” diagnosed as legally blind and operating with mere peripheral vision, needed assistance. NMPASI worked with PSS SpEd to enable him to get all the help he could get. Island-born, he made it past high school and holds a job that helps his CW parents. ...continue reading "Mondady, Oct 26, 2015: NMPASI: By Jaime R. Vergara"

SOME of the ongoing development projects in the CNMI are not in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, according to Northern Marianas Protection and Advocacy System Inc. program manager Thomas Thornburgh.

But as a non-profit organization, he said, NMPASI cannot file legal action against erring establishments.

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